Consumer Alert:

Be aware of phony locksmiths. These phony’s are operating in every major metropolitan area in the country. They have entered the Atlanta area several years ago and are overwhelming the advertising media with ads and phone numbers. They will have hundreds of names and phone numbers in the yellow pages, on line, and listed under 411 information calls. Many names will make you believe that you are dealing with a person who is local, however this is not the case. They will quote a low price over the phone and when they come out, they will charge you anywhere from double to 10 times what is the normal cost for the service performed. They try to act like they are your local small time business, with verbiage like “ask for Joe and receive 10% discount”, and claim to be family owned. They will advertise discounts for crime victims, military and senior discounts.

How to avoid these people:

  • Make sure you get a full price for the service requested over the phone. Specifically ask for the TOTAL COST, including the service call, labor and parts before giving an address or phone number.
  • If they tell you they don’t know what it will cost until the technician looks at it, hang up immediately. (This holds true for most common problems like car and house unlocks, & lost car or house keys, but in some situations, such as safe openings and damage to property, a rough estimate is given which should be in a range estimated over the phone.
  • If you call several numbers and the same person answers, it is probably the phony’s.
  • If the person or van shows up with a different name on it than the one you called, be very careful. It may be the phony’s.
  • Search the internet under phony locksmiths, scam locksmith, or locksmith rip-offs to profile and see how they operate.

What to do if you encounter these phony locksmiths:

  • Do not pay any inflated price, call police and fill out a report.
  • If they threaten you, go inside your house or car, and call the police
  • Get their license plate number
  • Ask for their ID and write down their name and Drivers license number
  • Ask for work visa or green card. These are mostly Israeli citizens.
  • Always get an invoice if you suspect you paid too much
  • Report them to the better business bureau, and the State Attorneys office of consumer's affairs.   or
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